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    Shizno in tha houuuse!


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    Shizno in tha houuuse! Empty Shizno in tha houuuse!

    Post  Shizno on Fri Dec 23, 2011 4:30 pm

    Hey guys!

    So although the forums aren't really active yet, I figured that we should start posting up some introduction topics to get to know each other!

    I've been playing GW for way too long - I'm surprised I haven't gotten bored of it yet, oh right I had a couple of breaks but yeah, I came back, didn't I?

    I'm currently a student, majoring in math and physics, which is pretty busy at times and other times it's just pure slacking. Apart from guild wars and school, I take part in creating promotional images, like posters, flyers or brochures etc. I've also planned a few bigger scale parties lately. I do enjoy playing music as well, having a regular monthly gig with some of my friends at a bar downtown.

    Well this introduction may seem a bit thin - but get to know me in game or here in the forums! - or perhaps vent!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys around! Laughing

    p.s. My name is Marc, and I'm from Denmark - forgot that lol!

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