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    [Official] Recruitment Rewards


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    [Official] Recruitment Rewards Empty [Official] Recruitment Rewards

    Post  Quianmore on Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:49 pm

    What Are Recruitment Rewards?
    » These are mere tokens of gratitude for the efforts put forth by both officers and members alike for recruiting members to the guild. The rewards range from small tokens of appreciation to rare items and high amounts of platinum for the simple cost of the effort. The higher amount of recruitment points you've tallied, the better quality prizes you can opt. to receive!

    How Can I Earn Recruitment Points?
    » Points are earned by inviting players to the Guild that choose to stick around for up to 2 weeks before leaving the guild. A new member that joins, leaves, and re-joins, will only count the first time around. Once a member has reached their 2 week mark, you will be awarded one reputation point. You may earn up to 25 Reputation points total which will then allow you to become eligible for an officer position in the Guild.

    What Are The Prizes?
    » The rewards for recruitment are as follows...

    • 5 Recruits
    - 5 Reputation Points
    - 500 Gold

    • 10 Recruits
    - 5 Reputation Points
    - 1 Platinum
    - Guild Honor

    • 15 Recruits
    - 5 Reputation Points
    - 2 Expert Salvage Kits
    - Guild Honor
    - 1 Free Lottery Ticket

    • 20 Recruits
    - 5 Reputation Points
    - 2 Platinum
    - 3 Free Lottery Tickets
    - Guild Reputation
    - Free Gold Weapon

    • 25 Recruits
    - 5 Reputation Points
    - 5 Free Lottery Tickets
    - Officer Qualifications
    - Highest Guild Acknowledgement
    - 5 Expert Salvage Kits
    - 2 Random Dye

    How Do I Register My Recruits?
    » Once you have recruited a new Guild member, please take the time to POST A REPLY to this thread ONLY if you have successfully recruited a member. Post YOUR ingame name followed by the names of everyone you have recruited. Your post may be edited by myself or another officer to change the racked amount of days or if a member leaves. Your reply should look like this...

    Quianmore Aneromous:
    - Name of First Recruit
    - Name of Second Recruit
    - Etc.

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    [Official] Recruitment Rewards Empty Re: [Official] Recruitment Rewards

    Post  Horris on Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:51 am

    This is a really cool idea. I'm happy to add a couple of ectos into this system as well (obviously for the higher point categories). Nice job! Smile

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